Why Being Intentional Matters

Doctors call stress the "black plague of the 21st Century" for good reason. It's responsible for 70-90% of all doctor's visits and while we're no longer stalked by sabretooth tigers, our full-inboxes and information overload/hyper connectivity are triggering the same stress responses. A heartbreaking 53% of NZers indicated they were experiencing mental health challenges last year!

The truth? The 4 Horsemen of the Stresspocalypse are invading our lives making us Sick, Sad, Slow and Stupid.

Digital Distractions

We're not designed to be constantly via Digital Distraction Devices. It's time to get off auto-pilot, slow down to speed up and balance the human doing with being.

It's time to implement workplace wellbeing initiatives and training and development that are long lasting and effective, not just temporary band aids. And I'm here to help you.


Intentional Generations crafts customised workplace wellness programmes as well as professional training and development for 18-30 year olds. All services have been created with intention of supporting people to be more resilient and adaptive... from auto-pilot and burned out to living intentionally

  • Youth (18-30 year olds) Training & Development

    1:1 Coaching, mindfulness & stress reduction, "What's your Cocoon" group coaching and accountabiltiy.

  • Public Speaking & Workshop Facilitation

    Customised workplace wellness programmes: using neuroscience-backed wellbeing techniques, stress management, group coaching

  • Customised Workplace Wellbeing Programmes

    Using neuroscience-backed wellbeing techniques, stress management, and group coaching.


For almost 2 years we've helped businesses and individuals increase their productivity while managing stress, anxiety and burnout by taking care of a business' most critical assets... its people. And now... we want to work with you.

  • 87.9% managing stress better
  • 72.7% enjoying life more
  • 100% coaching client goal achievement rate

Let's move beyond policy and implement solutions that will improve individual lives and make your workplace a great place to work.

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